About Us


Exton Productions is a Media Production Company based in Cambridge and London, founded by Clive, Jace and Sarah Exton during the Summer of 2012 along with the creation of "Meadowlark".

We produce a variety of media such as: Radio, Television, Documentaries, Theatre, Music/Dance Videos, Shorts and Film.

Personal Info

  • 07880746810
  • 145-157 St. John's Street, London, EC1V 4PW
  • enquiries@extonproductions.com


Media Productions

We produce music videos, dance videos, short films, feature films, television, theatre and documentaries...


Exton Productions Ltd. owns and runs Radio Ha-Ha! which is an internet based comedy radio station...

Script Reading and Development

Scripts are proof read, given feedback and if requested, suggestion on storyline development...


If you have anything you'd like to contact us about, you can email us using the address: enquiries@extonproductions.com

Fax - 01440 713033

Phone - 07880 746810 or 07889 229227

Mail - 145-157 St. John's Street, London, EC1V 4PW

Meet The Team

Clive ExtonJace Exton Sarah Exton Deanna RandMaxi BehrendtFloyd Gartner